The Oratorio

Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.


Is he looking down on us this way?
Like Ants as we file in…

s he looking down on us this way?
Like Ants as we file in and out of the subway
Mostly ignorant, acting like we know the way, though being led astray?

One man’s inception turning to another’s reception, and a group perception, mass deception
Mass hypnotism of a dulled-out Earthlings, ensnared by systemic hedonism
Believers, and non-believers, capitalists, and communists, all following the same path
Illusion of choice, choosing half a dozen, as an opportunity cost for six
Locked in the Matrix, dopamine fix from Netflix, bull drawn by the nose, in a game pre-fix

Befuddled by the communication, in the paperwork of litigation, no compensation
Insomniac night shift, for economic uplift, pineal gland sifts, melatonin drift
Mathematicians and Politicians, humans reduced to statistics, playing rabbits as alcoholics
Maybe tomorrow, we’ll lift the frontal lobe, that’s my only hope

Author~ abiodun durojaye
instagram @abiodundurojaye
facebook @ abi duro


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