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Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.

Birthday reflections

Beloved, i’ve had a day so beautiful than the color of the rainbow. I’ve been inundated by out pour of messages. Cyber, sonic and print from all of you. There are those of you who traditionally wait until the midnight of December 16th, holding up your sleep just to be the first to express your wishes as the clock turns to 17th. This year has been the same. I say thank you very much. I’m in your debt.

I have however also been in a state of dilemma in my attempt to be rational at the risk of been perceived as cynical or a “party pooper” .

Beloved, we do have to realize that the whole birthday carnival, as celebratory as it might appear to be, does not touch on the real self. The Bible, Koran as well as the Vedas evangelize that we are undying beginning-less spiritual entity placed in a mortal frame made of material elements. As a spiritual entity we are radiant more than the the sun because we again according to the scriptures, are integral part of the Whole, God.

It doesn’t seem to me like a rocket science to figure out that if something is part of a whole, it shares all the attributes of the whole. Analogous to a spoon of salt from a salt bag. In quality the salt in the spoon compared to the bag is the same in quality but vastly different in quantity as one might realize if you threw the bag of salt into a pot of rice as a seasoning.

So beloved, small gods are we in quality as a spiritual entity. Then why are we so limited ? Why do we have to grow old ? Why illnesses ? Why death ? God is immune to all of that and if we are his integral part who by logic should share his attributes we should also be free of them. Then why are we not ? Beloved it’s because this world compared to our original home the kingdom of God, is like a prison and the body is analogous to our prison uniform. You see beloved, TRUTH HURTS BUT LIES KILL. so i won’t mince words in reminding us that our “BIRTHDAY” which actually should be referred to as ” BIRTH DATE” was the day we were checked in to the prison. The date is our prison id number. So i am prisoner 17/12/62. Our bodies, the prison uniform and ” eating our bread from the sweat of our brow”, disease, old age and seemingly death are the prison conditions. photograph taken at birth is the mug shot, our life span is analogous to our prison terms.

At the risk of sounding cynical though my intention is to implore us to be rational. There really is nothing celebratory about BIRTHDAY/BIRTH DATE.

Thanking all of you Beloved and hoping you are well.

p.s. Happy Birthday to President M Buhari…….lmho.

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