The Oratorio

Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.


Raise your hate meter, deny greatness like Peter, have one…

aise your hate meter, deny greatness like Peter, have one over Thomas with your doubt
Busy your mouth saying he’s “just chasing clout”, while acting like you know what I’m about

I’ll be thriving, dinning, winning, wining, while you’re mud sliding, gossiping, surviving, phishing, moaning and whining
Free spirited, anointed, gifted, lifted, and ever celebrated, placing merited, engraved till grave, can’t be deleted
Think for a second to know I’m the second of your top two, but who the hell is number one? Bono points to me and say, “you too”
Head always on my cap, never bed it on my lap, awake never sleep, and never slip when awake
Scoop me out of your blue pill loop, eyes wide open, never burn in the oven, never droop, watching while you snoop, and so low, stoop
While you’re caught in karma blast from the past, I’ll blast past you lightning fast, top fitness like Everlast
All cooks and curry, ever ready, rock steady like Freddie, never slippery like mercury
Sorry to bust your bubble, trouble is what you get, even when you double your cynical hustle, and try to smuggle the cuddle
While I put the pedal to the metal, gun the throttle, rubber to the tar, assignment alignment, never wobble
My cookies don’t crumble, never choke, never stumble, no rattle, no babble, honesty my Excalibur for life’s battle
Your malice’s Stream filled to the brim, I’ll still swim, never sink, have a rethink, in this amour, no chink
Vigilant, I don’t blink, left eye victory wink, as you’re consumed by karma fire, and into nemesis quagmire you sink

Author~ abiodun durojaye

instagram @abiodundurojaye
facebook @ abi duro


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