The Oratorio

Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.


Will you be my Bride?
Walk down with me the aisle of life with

ill you be my Bride?
Walk down with me the aisle of life with pride
I shall be your Groom
I promise Ocean of joy with no drop of gloom
Will you be my wife?
I shall wage not part of me but my entire life
Be your prince charming
Tell the whole World you’re the most amazing

Will you hold me down?
There in difficult times to kiss away my frown
I promise to do the same
From the core of my heart, not playing game
Will I always cherish you?
In thought, words, and action always true
Sweetheart no need asking
In the Sun of my chivalry you’ll be ever basking
Put in you all of my trust?
Strengthen my believe in you with faithful crust
Cherry amor have no doubt
Hook, line, and sinker, that’s what I am about
What if you’re not eloquent?
In a conversation you don’t seem to be fluent
love bug don’t you worry
Being with you would still be “all cook and curry”
If your dress don’t impress?
You’re not “dressed up to the nines”, more or less
Honey bunches no stress
Your velvet tone bare skin is my treasure chess
No changing hair colour
To remain my number One, Two, Three, and Four
Leave it be, the way you are
And watch me wide mouth open as I ravishingly stare
Waiting on you to say ‘Yes!’
Without obligation, compunction, or any form of duress
Hopefully I have the right guess
That from now on, adoring you shall be my daily business

Author~ abiodun durojaye

instagram @abiodundurojaye
facebook @ abi duro


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