The Oratorio

Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.


That she would be forgiven was a given
Because her faith, knew His grace was her leaven
Though the people of the laws doubt His divinity and His Sacredness they flout
She knew in her soul that the way to her redemption is His Amazing Grace without doubt
Tears from her eyes was her oil of anointment as her Lord’s grace to her soul was an ointment
Without restriction and a heart of contrition, she was punctual in her appointment
While the builders refused that stone like a rabies dog’s bone
Her cathedral of restitution and restoration was built on Him as the Cornerstone
She knew that His grace turns corrupt and bankrupt sinners into gold in the vault winners
The simplicity of her heart placed her above the judgmental thinkers, whom her unconditional redemption was a stinker
In her vision she saw the “prove of things unseen” in her innocence like a preteen
And “evidence of things hoped for”, she accepted not as a myth but a conviction evergreen
Healed by her faith
As with her tears his feet bathe


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