The Oratorio

Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.

Beware of comfort

That is the crux of the matter as i said previously. Relationship whether intrapersonal or interpersonal is analogous to a pendulum of a clock. it always has to swing toward either of the extreme in a constant motion, it is never static. Whenever it does, as in being static, that signals the insidious gradual deterioration and final extinction.

Just as a synergy is achieved by a healthy harmonious coordination of the different parts of our being, body, mind, and soul, and we become unhealthy which sometimes could be fatal or at least life threatening by neglecting our exercise, eating unhealthy food, or being prone to emotional strain. Similarly consider your interpersonal relationship as an entity with life. It has to be fed, it needs a lot of exercise and it’s well being can be affected if exposed to excessive stress.

every form of interpersonal relationship especially spousal relationship has only one of two options. Growth or deterioration. Therefore i said to you beware of comfort. The very reason why we crave relationship is the desire for comfort and it indeed offers us that comfort by it’s very nature. However the flip side of comfort is that it leads to being mechanical, dullness, drudgery, we settle for maintenance. Analogous to an athlete who sees his winning the trophy as a completion and then becomes negligent of his conditioning. He therefore ends up as “also ran” one time wonder, having not being able to repeat the fit due to lack of fitness.

Familiarity makes us to start minimizing those same very elements that brought us so far in the first instance. spending quality time with our spouse was a priority, comfort reduces it to option. We gradually start substituting previous authentic warm affectionate personal devotion with synthetic third party services. Is it then a wonder that we gradually start criticizing those same attributes of our spouse that was previously our intoxicating beverage.

Because from the point of maintenance, the pendulum can only swing to the extreme of crass morass. Therefore i say to you beware of COMFORT.
Be mindful of those elements that brought you so far, strive to constantly intensify and diversify them, never settle for complacency. Because from the point of maintenance, the pendulum would always only swing toward the extreme of crass morass.
Therefore i say to you beware of COMFORT…

excerpt from the SERMON OF THE SHEPHERD.


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