The Oratorio

Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.


“Legal marriage necessary for procreation”?

“Foremost, let me say that I love children for
everything they stand for.

My position is that “legal” does not define marriage. It’s a harmonious coalition of two people.

I do have problem with the approach to marriage as a procreational venture.

Think about it for a second. It reduces your partner to just the means to an end. In my YOUniverse, that debases the woman especially.

If that is not objectivising; then what is?

Well the keynote is “actually MARRIED”

What does it mean to marry?

To join two or more things together harmoniously.
The word “harmoniously” is what certifies them as married.

Take for an instance, the colour purple is the marriage of the colours red and blue. Grey is black and white harmoniously married.

Marriage creates a harmonious UNIT.

When different instruments and notes are HARMONIOUSLY JOINED, they are MARRIED. That is melody.

It follows then that to be actually married is to form a HARMONIOUS UNIT.

And what is the question of divorce when there is harmony.

I do strongly believe however that the most important clause in marriage is the allowance for divorce. But in actual marriage that clause would never be invoked.

The paradoxically true but sad is that a lot of “married couples” are not ACTUALLY MARRIED..What is the possibility of divorce for a rainbow…

Of course there is the metaphysical angle to spousal marriage. But i’m for now trying to keep that out of the present narrative…”

Excerpt: IN MY OWN WORDS by Abi Durojaye


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