The Oratorio

Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.


You actually think you’re not here for a reason? come on Bro! that’s a treason, emancipate yourself from mental prison, carpe diem, ignore them, it’s your winning season

Don’t take a Nil, be mentally strong, like Neal Armstrong, launch yourself into creative space, determination boots lace, trailblazer for the human race, your name typed in upper case, why shouldn’t that be the case?

Break out of your bubble, scale the hurdle, mental alacrity defying doubt’s gravity like a space shuttle, destiny waiting to compensate your hustle, and give you victory’s cuddle, for all your trouble

It doesn’t really matter whether you’re African, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Costa Rican, Jamaican, Mexican, Moroccan, democrat or Republican, to stop the world in it’s stride like the Pelican, you don’t need the Vatican, trust me, You can!

Don’t cop out, tap out, burn out, knocked out, sell out, or a blood clot drop out, be a soldier not a boy scout, they’ll doubt and say you’re a Tout chasing clout, but you know what you’re about

Out of the box, set yourself free, fly like number twenty three, wipe sweat off your palm, turn on your charm, cross over the bedlam, pass your exam, while they say you’re a “sham”, do it with glam, while you dunk and slam

With faith even small like mustard seed, intense greed to succeed, no weed allowed to breed, while you feed every required need, observing the creed for every deed, victory is guaranteed

You could be the brightest Star in the galaxy, if you give up the lethargy and procrastinating tendency, that leads to ambition apoplexy and creative atrophy

You’re not tragic but magic, dream above the rim, swim in the stream of life to the brim, Mammoth of the tropic, clear in everyone’s optic, front page topic

Mental lucidity with fluidity, record breaking and setting ingenuity, audacity that defies human reality, based on vision and mission diligently nursed to maturity

As Light of the World, your word bare to manifest, out of many First!


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