The Oratorio

Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.


first they love me, then they hate me, then they hate to love me, then they love to hate me, then I say F them, i ma be the one that rate me, on that, no one’s gon’ debate me, God’s chalk to humanity’s slate you can’t erase me, can’t debase me, sleeker than your average you can’t enslave me, salute to the mother who raise me, even at my lowest she always embrace me, from scorching sun she shades me, to the most high thanks and praise from me, with His choicest material he made me, top of the bunch He’s place me, on my feet place the shoes and lace me, against all odds He’s brace me, to the top of the mountain He’s race me, to spread the glories of His name He’s engage me, for His Name’s sake He’s elevate me, I won’t stumble or fall He’s pace me, even from shadow of death He’s save me, to be serene as Nazarene He’s anoint me, keeps me rooted your storm can’t shake me, can’t catch me even if you chase me, you need your “A” game to trace me, too fortified you can’t break me, slate me?! To even think about that you amaze me, your rant like an Ant lost his Aunt won’t faze me, too chill for your taunts you can’t enrage me, too poor even as a joke you can’t elate me, my friends, family and love like to flaunt me, like number 8, endless in play you can’t fade me, not my fault you’re rag ‘n’ bone and not same like me, so don’t put your blame on me, or even think you can shame me

Author~abiodun durojaye


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