The Oratorio

Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.


Thank you for that open hearted reception. I remain as always in your debt.

Beloveds of kindred spirit. Humanity’s finest. You have heard me say many times that the right to be omniscient is an exclusive right of God. I am not about to change that statement, not in the foreseeable future. Therefore I cannot say that I know in what state we all were, before we got here, but I can with a very serious sense of validity say that none of us will leave this august gathering today as the same person that we were, before we got here. We would have changed a great deal, by changing the axis of our thoughts toward a deeper and better understanding of the TIME that we are in.

As Esotericist who are adept at giving what is seasonal to the season. Let us use our sagacious discernment to unravel the mystery as we navigate through the tempest of COVID-19.

I had shared with you in the past about how the present situation seemingly ravaging the Planet, taking even the most valiant of us as mental hostage, is nothing, but a resetting of the universal clock. A seismic change for the progressive evolution in Human psyche. For whenever there is a predominant rise in the shift of global consciousness in a way that causes the essential value that buoys the float of the planet to experience degradation, there will always be a timely Divine intervention. some may aptly refer to this phenomenon as the emergence of the Christ.

I am fully cognizant of the fact that none of you is part of those populace who have eaten the insane roots of materialism, and consequently have their reasoning taken prisoner. Therefore you are not one to think that the World that we live in has no administrative control. you never thought it was just a happenchance, that has no specific calibration and administration. Yes! There is the Universal mind in control, even as She is Impersonal, Yet very personal. Formless, Yet of a transcendentally beautiful form, alluded to by the nomenclature Krsna!

Beloveds of kindred spirit! I implore you to sojourn with me in your thoughts for a little while.

Look at the acronym COVID-19. aptly named, aptly coded.

The word “COVID” is the word “OVI”, if you’ll pardon me to use the word ‘sandwiched’ between the letter “C” and “D”. “where is he going with this?” you might want to say. well I crave your indulgence a little longer. Come with me on this journey a little farther and further.

Just like you might have asked “where is he going with this?” or “what is he on about?” similarly the C and D that flanked “OVI” on either side are the words of the Latin statement “Carpe Diem”, meaning to capture or seize the moment. “seize the moment on what?” I heard you asked beloveds. The answer is to SEIZE OR CAPTURE THE MOMENT OF “OVI”. What is OVI? Again Latin! The word OVI relates to Egg or Ova. derived from Latin word Ovum which form the same roots as Ovary as found in a woman’s Ovulating period, which precedes conception.

As we have shared together in previous gathering, Humanity cannot be allowed to Self destruct due to His juvenile proclivities. It is about time that the Planet Earth has to rebirth a new Humanity. An adult who is no longer living in wanton recklessness of a Teenager “19 (NINETEEN)”. The hyphen between COVID (-) and 19 as I had explained earlier, signify a continuum. The human race are here, always will be here, but will always have to be reined in unto the leaden tracks whenever, and wherever there is a proliferation of degradation of essential human values.

So kindreds, Carpe Diem! Let us seize this moment to take inventory of our personal lives as a part of the sum total of Human race, that is now OVULATING (Carpe OVI Diem)

We individually do have a choice to make, of urgent necessity, whether we want to be part of the New human race that the Earth planet is laying Her eggs for at the moment or we want to be part of the casualties, who never make it to conception, gestation, and birth.

Let us all be part of the Nesting period of mother Earth by intensifying our devotion to the course of rapprochement through the process of chanting,

Hare Krsna Hare Krsna Krsna Krsna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare,

While diligently practising non violence (Ahimsa) of thought, words, and action.

Thank you kindreds! May there be healing of the planet, and of the human heart, for the Supreme Lord is the Supreme Healer. And may we be blessed with the enthusiasm to do our part.

Om Shanti! 🤗🕉️📿

Excerpt from SUNDAY SERMON TO THE EASTERIANS by Abi Durojaye


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