The Oratorio

Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.


This old barking dog
row row and make you bug
not his intention to be a clog
just his resistance to been treated as a slug
Though he may come across like a thug
And his teeth cut sharp like knife from SOG
who wants to be treated like a floating log?
Or a zombie on a numbing drug?
whose demand for fairness only get shoulder shrug
And his pain trivialised like a comic blog
treated like a retarded underdog
Or an undesirable hedgehog
Had no choice but to be his own watchdog
though he never claimed to be anyone’s “plug”
All he wanted is just a simple place to snug
But all he got was been called a smug
And now he got the house jitterbug
Can’t even be doused by lovebug
Now he is eating flesh raw
And on every calf locking jaw


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