The Oratorio

Alchemist Art and Act of Creating Synergy of The Fundamental Axiom. Beatific Tapestry of Consciousness Evolution.


Its Autumn season and lotus flowers are blossoming
The bees are drunk with nectar and sweetly humming

Who would have thought about these occurring in the night
But this is a special one for the frolicking Knight

He is in the mood to enchant the Hearts of the Damsels
As only He could do it and make the ocean of ananda swells

Contrary to its seasonal nature is the blooming of fragrant jasmine
To the delight of the stellar gathering who are preteen

Sounds, beauty, youth, fragrance, and sweetness in conglomerate
Wittiness, ebullience, and the effervescence essence he desired to taste

Of the quintessence beauties assembled under the shimmering full moon
He is determined to plunge them into river of ecstasy to swoon

In millions of night unprecedentedly wrapped into just One
And a message of great invite His fifth note flute borne

Anticipated ambrosial fission of His and their pleasure
As the only thing they value and treasure

Hearkening to His irresistible call they arrived in droves
To the lavishly bedecked with assorted flowers groves

Their hands and feet crimson with smooth soft vermilion
bracelets and anklets jingling in melodious execution

A magical night of scintillating ensemble Orchestra
All the ladies are major leading acts, none of them was an extra
Amazing beautifully organised one of a kind fiesta

Prince charming with His flute produced another sound so bewildering
Now the ladies ran toward Him in a haste no more lingering

Shame, fear, condemnation, morality, fear of castigation were abandon
Loosened at their joints by His flute for a Supple tendon

But the the Prince as a master teaser turned into a tongue in cheek preacher
Addressing the gathered finest ladies as a morally astute teacher

But these ladies though simple of heart and rural, were supremely witty
Eloquently, logically, accurately gave cutting edge rebuttal of the Charming Prince’s arguments

Finally subdued, the adorable Prince of Vraja welcome them to the august occasion and expressed compliments

Again from His ruddy red lips His flute produced another sound so overwhelming
Ensnaring, full of sensuality and amorous passion, and so commanding

The full moon waxes radiantly bigger and raise the tide of amorous desire in the ladies
Each one arriving to embrace his enchanting body fragrant like a bouquet of Daisies

Oblivious of others presence, each one sees only herself and the charming Prince of dalliance
ready to experience His dancing artistry and dancing brilliance

Yet one of them stood incomparably above all others
On equal footing with the frolicking Prince as they rub shoulders

Music starts, and ankle bells, bracelets and trinkets creates a melody
His and theirs divine aura not allowing the night to be foggy

Varsana Princess took the lead in the company of Lalita and Vishaka
Arousing the interest of the Vraja Prince, who is chastiser of Trnavarta

Knowing that each of the ladies wanted Him to dance with her only
The Hero of amorous love started moving so fast in amazing dancing glory

Thus began the million nights capsuled into one as the Rasa dance story
Which actually was Sri Radha’s exclusive Glory

All the spectrum of emotions were experienced as the cloud bank of rasa
Only accessible and relished by rare and fortunate rasika

Discharged inundation of tempestuous amorous rain
All the ladies drown into the Prince’s world, and Him theirs without any restrain

Then all of a sudden Prince Charming lifted one very special Lady
He was so quick and extremely speedy

So He could be with Her and Her alone
Her heart is His actual unrivalled Home

This is the Supreme Lady Srimati Radharani
The one who is His and mine Swamini

Written by me today on the auspicious day of Radhasthami 2020…


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